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Meet Marianne Cooper-van der Veen

(Copy)Writer/Editor, Translator Dutch/English, Poet, Wix Web Designer and Social Media Manager all-in-one based in Los Angeles

I could tell you everything about my education in Written Communication and Editing or my work experience as a published author, Communications Specialist, member of an editorial staff, reporter, e-commerce copywriter, editor, and Dutch/English translator. I could also tell you that I bring professionalism to the table with my tons of experiences in the writing and copy editing industry in the Netherlands and the United States. But all of that is already on my LinkedIn page. And let's be honest, that's not why you're here. My website already showed you that I can write. Black coffee or with a little coconut milk You want to learn more essential things about me. For example, that I approach my work through a strong "diversity and equity lens", and that I have a penchant for topics about social issues and (mental) health. ​ On the other hand, I believe that a good writer can bend themselves around new topics. Limiting myself to a certain niche would mean that I'd sell myself and my curiosity short! I strive to touch people with my words. ​ I like to drink my coffee black or with a little coconut milk. And I can be dead serious but also love to have fun and goof around. Yes, that's me. What they say about Dutch people is true: I'm straightforward and down-to-earth, but my words always come from the heart! ​ But don't worry, I'm really just a nice lady who's in her element when she hears the clickety-clack of her fingers on a keyboard. The punchline of this all is: you have my word. I'll write for you, your business and your audience. ​ What I'm up to at the moment? I love how varied my days can be. One minute I'm maintaining the SEO content of Vechtsportonline in both Dutch and English, the next I'm writing/editing/translating Dutch and English texts for clients from all walks of life. On other days I create or maintain websites in Wix or I'm helping people with their social media strategy. Last but not least, not too long ago I've had a taste of script writing in Final Draft, which was for my husband's (Deon Cooper, aka “Deon The Director”) script called “Meal Ticket”. Click here to watch the first 3 episodes for free on YouTube now! ​ ​What I do when I'm not working? You'll usually find me soaking up the sun, walking our dogs Dinky and Midnight, or doing a yoga or CrossFit workout! ​ I'd love to learn more about you, so let's connect!

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